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Fire suppression and dust extraction system

November 28, 2019

The recent upgrade to our facilities includes a state-of-the-art fire suppression and dust extraction system. We have invested heavily in both these areas for safety and prevention. We want to ensure our working environment is the best it can be for our staff as well as ensuring that our materials are safe and secure.

The fire suppression system will monitor the Lindner Mircromat 2500 shredder using spark detection technology in addition to a heat sensor fitted to the shredder drum. If the system notices a spike in temperature, or a spark, the system will automatically kick in.

The dust extraction system will work in conjunction with the shredder to ensure that the operating area is dust free. The dust levels within the facility can be thick due to fibres being released into the atmosphere during the shredding process but the new system will remove the dust and collect it safely to ensure staff are working in a dust free environment.

We hope that the improvements to our operations will help us to produce outstanding materials for our customers whilst ensuring our staff work in safe and secure facilities.

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