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The waste industry and where its heading in 2020

February 12, 2020

Over the past two years, the global recycling industry has drastically changed. We are experiencing a real downturn in the market and this, sadly, isn’t expected to improve in the near future. The reason for the downturn is primarily due to restrictions from China. China used to accept 28 million tonnes per year of fibre waste (as an example), and we are now facing a reduction to just 6 million tonnes in 2020. There are many other waste products that China will no longer accept but paper is the commodity that is affecting our business significantly.

However, the problem is twofold as we are also lacking infrastructure in the UK to be able to process our own product effectively. The sudden inability to ship much of our waste to China caused UK waste and recycling companies to scramble for highly effective waste management solutions and we are no different. In 2019, we invested over £1m in new technologies to ensure the products we produce are of a high quality. To read more about our investments, click here.

Technological solutions in 2020 will continue to be created and implemented and we predict that computer technology will take a much larger role. Recycling, including various forms of EfW (Energy from Waste) efforts, will also take a much greater role in waste management. New laws, along with massive cooperation and coordination between governments, businesses, and individuals will also be required to successfully alter the industries outlook. We anticipate that the markets will start to improve over the next 12 months but there is a long road ahead and we like to think we’re keeping a pace.

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